Sonderkolloquium Dr. Alzola /13.05.2016

13.05.2016 von 11:00 bis 12:00

Institut Ostufer, Kaiserstraße 2, 24143 Kiel, Raum: Geb. D, "Aquarium"

Titel: "Design and resonance-damping of LCL-filter based grid-tie converters and recent developments on power electronics control"

Abstract - The first part of the lecture will deal with LCL-filter based three-phase grid-tie converters. Adopting an LCL-filter, instead of an L-filter, allows using a reduced value for the total inductance and so reducing losses and preserving dynamics. However, stability problems can arise if the present resonance is not properly damped. Passive damping uses additional resistors and active damping modifies the control algorithm. Many solutions have been proposed in a vast amount of publications. For this lecture, different configurations for passive damping will be explained along with the following active damping procedures: lead-lag network, capacitor-current feedback and notch filter. Stability and robust design against grid line inductance variations will also be considered. The last part of the lecture explores the opportunity of harmonic mitigation at distribution level in small hybrid ac/dc building by using a centralized power factor corrector (PFC) with large bandwidth. It is foreseeable an increased presence of hybrid ac/dc buildings with coexisting ac and dc infrastructures because of the unprecedented expansion of native dc powered equipment (LEDs and consumer electronics). The proposals provide all the steps for the straightforward control design of the PFC and its harmonic mitigation function (HMF) with fast calculations. The HMF requires only software modifications in the PFC and one sensor to measure the nonlinear load.


Prof. Liserre

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