Kolloquiumsvortrag: Prof. Gabriella Andersson, Uppsala University, Schweden / 14.12.15

14.12.2015 von 17:15 bis 18:45

Institut für Materialwissenschaften, Kaiserstr. 2, Geb. D Raum: "Aquarium"

Optimizing magnetic properties in the Materials Physics division at Uppsala University



After a brief introduction to Uppsala University in general, there will be an overview of the research activitiy in the Materials Physics division in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Our main three fields are Magnetism, Soft Matter, and Hydrogen in Metals, and they all rely on in-house synthesis of materials and a continuous chain of subsequent experiments, from our own laboratories to large international facilities. Since we have control from the beginning to the end, we can find physical mechanisms behind the properties we observe, and thus gain tools for optimizing the materials further, e.g. through composition and placement of atoms.

After this review, I will present some more specific examples of my research projects, which concern optimization of magnetic properties in metallic thin films and multilayers. The common theme is tuning of magnetic anisotropy by composition and structure, and the materials are either amorphous rare-earth-transition-metal compounds or epitaxial, i.e. crystalline, multilayers where strain states are used as an additional tuning possibility.

Prof. Selhuber-Unkel

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