Sonderkolloquium: Prof. Amir Boag / School of Electrical Engineering, Tel Aviv University am 05.09.14

05.09.2014 von 10:00 bis 12:00

Institut für ET/IT, Kaiserstr. 2, Geb. C, Raum "Aquarium"

Titel: UWB Nano-Antenna Arrays

Dual-Vivaldi nano-antenna arrays were designed, fabricated, and optically characterized in the infrared (IR) and visible regimes. The antenna arrays were characterized by measuring the scattered light at IR and visible spectral ranges. A novel technique for antenna and load impedance measurements using scattering data has been developed. The radiation efficiency and the spectral response of the antennas were found to be in good agreement with numerical simulations. The results presented here demonstrate the extremely wideband nature of the Dual-Vivaldi nano-antennas and the strong impact of load at the antenna terminals on its scattering response. These properties, as well as their many degrees of freedom for design, render the Dual-Vivaldi nano-antennas excellent candidates for optical sensing applications and energy harvesting.

Prof. Klinkenbusch

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