Kolloquiumsvortrag: Prof. Dr. Gerold Schneider, Institut für Keramische Hochleistungswerkstoffe, TU Hamburg-Harburg / 19.01.2015

19.01.2015 von 16:45 bis 18:15

Institut für Materialwissenschaft, Kaiserstr. 2,Raum: "Aquarium" Geb. D

Titel: Tailor-Made Multi-Scale Materials Systems



An overview of the three project areas of the SFB 986 is given. Inspired by nature’s materials project area A “Quasi-self-similar hierarchical materials systems“ focuses on the synthesis of nanoparticle based organic/ceramic hybrid materials with tunable mechanical properties. In project area B “Nano-structured multi-phase materials systems“ carbon and gold based nanoporous, polymer infiltrated structures are synthesized to tailor mechanical and functional properties. Finally in project area C “Materials systems for photonics at high temperatures“ self-assembled inverse ceramic opals are fabricated for heat reflectance applications. In detail the talk presents and discusses the synthesis and mechanical properties of organic/ceramic hybrid materials, which serve as the first hierarchical level of a multi-scale material. Secondly the specific modulus and specific strength of silica and TiO2-coated silica inverse opals are presented, which reveal the highest values ever measured.

Prof. Gorb (Zweitmitgliedschaft an der TF)

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