Sonderkolloquium Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt, IFW Dresden, 07.08.2015

07.08.2015 von 14:00 bis 15:30

Insitut für Materialwissenschaft, Kaiserstraße 2, 24143 Kiel, Aquarium

Titel: 3D nanomembrane architectures: From lab-in-a-tube systems to micro-biorobotics



Nanomembranes are thin, flexible, transferable and can be shaped into 3D micro- and nanoarchitec-tures. This makes them attractive for a broad range of applications and scientific research fields ranging from novel hybrid heterostructure devices to ultra-compact 3D systems both on and off the chip. If na-nomembranes are differentially strained they deform themselves and roll-up into tubular structures upon release from their mother substrate. Rolled-up nanomembranes can be exploited to rigorously compact electronic circuitry, energy storage units and novel optical systems. They can also serve as ideal plat-form to study single cell behaviour in 2D confined systems.

If appropriate materials are chosen, rolled-up tubes act as tiny catalytic jet engines which in the ultimate limit may drive compact multifunctional autonomous systems for medical and environmental applica-tions. If magnetic tubes are combined with flagella-driven sperm cells, such hybrid micro-biorobots offer new perspectives towards artificial reproduction technologies.

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