Kolloquiumsvortrag: Professor Arno Ehresmann, Universität Kassel (CINSaT) / 13.04.2015

13.04.2015 von 17:15 bis 18:45

Institut für Materialwissenschaft, Kaiser Str. 2, Geb.C , Raum "Aquarium"

Titel:  Light-ion bombardment induced tailored domains in magnetic thin film systems



Artificial magnetic domain patterns can be fabricated in magnetic thin film systems by light-ion bombardment induced magnetic patterning. This technique enables a local modification of anisotropies, e.g., the unidirectional anisotropy in exchange bias layer systems or the perpendicular anisotropy in Co/ Au multilayers. Remanently stable magnetic patterns (tailored domains) may be created, where the geometry and the local anisotropy may be set independently without large changes in surface topography. These patterns allow also a tailoring of the associated magnetic strayfield landscapes over the surface of the magnetic layer system. The talk will discuss the fundamentals for fabricating such artificial domain patterns, their use in a variety of sensor concepts and the use of the associated stray field landscapes for positioning and controlled movement of small particles.





Prof. J. McCord

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