Kolloquiumsvortrag: Prof. Andreas Hütten - Universität Bielefeld / 15.06.2015

15.06.2015 von 17:15 bis 18:45

Institut für (Ost), Kaiser Str. 2, Geb.C , Raum "Aquarium"

Titel: Heusler alloys: fundamentals and applications



The triumphant advance of Heusler compounds can mainly be attributed to their unique band structure
enabling the realization of different physical properties such as ferromagnetism, semi- and superconductivity in one material class. As a consequence of the theoretically predictions of 100% spin polarized half- and full-Heusler compounds over the past decade, Heusler alloys are among the most promising materials class for future applications in magneto electronics. The resulting electronic structures as well as their magnetic properties will be used to identify potential areas of applications. Among these areas are magnetic logic, biosensors and granular GMR-sensors. Thin films made of Heusler compounds are not only relevant for spintronic applications. There is also great interest in the class of shape-memory compounds like X-Mn-Y (X=Ni, Co,Y= Ga, Sn, In) in thin films. For applications such as actuators, magnetic cooling and hybrid systems, thin films are often advantageous or mandatory. For magnetic cooling devices, thin films offer the advantage of a high surface to volume ratio. This allows a fast heat transfer. A general knowledge of the thin film influence on the martensitic transition (MT) is required for all these applications and will be discussed.

Prof. Faupel

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