Sonderkolloquium: Prof. Dr. Hans Raj (Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Demeed University, Agra, Indien)

05.06.2014 von 15:00 bis 16:00

Institut für Informatik: Raum 910

Titel: A Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm with Applications to Manufacturing and Agricultural Problems



In this work effort is made to develop and implement a highly efficient Quantum Inspired Algorithm (QIA) for optimization of manufacturing processes and agro-forestry systems. A real coded Quantum Inspired Evolutionary Algorithm (rQIEA) is developed and its efficiency is tested over few benchmark optimization functions such as Sphere function, Ackley function, Griewank function, Rastrigin function, Schwefel function and Rosenbrock function. QIEA is further applied for process optimization of hot extrusion process, equal channel angular pressing, orthogonal cutting process and end milling process. Subsequently the algorithm is applied to an agricultural problem where Kharif crops are modeled with QIEA as a constrained optimization problem with an intent to maximize profit by allocating optimal land area to each individual crop. It is found that QIEA is very versatile and can be applied to variety of optimization problems.

Prof. Srivastav

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