Kolloquiumsvortrag (ET&IT) - muss leider entfallen - Prof. Frank Vollmer, University of Exeter / am 08.01.2018

08.01.2018 von 17:15 bis 18:00

Institute Ostufer, Geb. D, "Aquarium", Kaiserstr. 2, 24143 Kiel

Titel: Sensing the Nanoscale with Optoplasmonics

Abstract: Nanophotonic device building blocks, such as optical nano/microcavities and plasmonic nanostructures, lie at the forefront of sensing and spectrometry of trace biological and chemical substances. My laboratory is developing a new class of nanophotonic architectures by combining optically resonant dielectric nano/microcavities with plasmonically resonant metal nanostructures to enable detection at the nanoscale with extraordinary sensitivity. Initial demonstrations include single-molecule detection and even single-ion sensing. The coupled photonic-plasmonic resonator system promises a leap forward in the nanoscale analysis of physical, chemical, and biological entities. I will review our work in this burgeoning field of optoplasmonic biosensors. I will also talk about our most recent advances in localising light at the nanoscale in disordered 2D photonic crystals.

1Department of Physics and Astronomy, Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter, EX44QD, Exeter, UK

E-mail: f.vollmer@exeter.ac.uk

CV: Frank Vollmer is a Professor of Biophysics at the Living Systems Institute at the University of Exeter. Prof Vollmer pioneers optical technology to study processes at the nanoscale. He held several appointments at leading US institutions including Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Before moving to the LSI in 2016, he held the position of Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (DE). In 2017 Prof Vollmer was awarded the Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award.






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