The Resurrection of Models: Generative Software Engineering in Research and Real-World Projects

17.01.2020 von 14:15 bis 15:00


Models as central artifacts of the development process can be used for a variety of purposes besides documentation such as transformation, rapid prototyping and code generation. This talk will focus on these aspects and the use of generators in agile development processes. Within the last years, my "Model-Based Assistance and Information Services" team at the chair of Software Engineering or RWTH Aachen showed the application of Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDSE) methods within a full-size real-world information system. In the MaCoCo (Management Cockpit for Controlling) project, an application generator was developed to derive repetitive parts of the implementation, and in more general support the agile development process and minimize consistency issues between a co-developed frontend and backend. The generator uses a model as input and creates
large parts of the code for an enterprise information system. Stepwise, it was extended towards the generator framework MontiGem using additional modeling languages, a variety of models, further
generators and automatic transformation chains between them. Currently, only around 13% of the application's backend and 30% of the frontend is handwritten (including the runtime environment).
Clearly, the development of a generator framework only pays-off if it is used for several applications. Thus, we have extended MontiGem for other application areas and requirements: to cope with continuous data delivery, to add further modeling languages and extend the information
system towards a workflow system or to add concepts for privacy protection. This talk presents our research, discusses limitations and shows some future research directions.


Judith Michael is a research fellow (postDoc) and team leader for Model-Based Assistance and Information Services at the chair of Software Engineering (Prof. Bernhard Rumpe, Computer Science 3) of RWTH Aachen University and chairwomen of the supervisory board of the Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH. In 2015, she has been appointed as a Junior Fellow of the German Informatics Society e.V. (GI) and was recently elected to the management board (Präsidium) of
the GI. She received her doctorate in Informatics from the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU, Austria) in 2014. Her Ph.D. thesis was about Cognitive Modeling for Ambient Assistance
(Supervisor: Prof. Heinrich C. Mayr). Moreover, she was lecturer at the M/O/T (Alpen-Adria-School of Management, Organizational Development and Technology) in the university-level program IT
Business Solutions, and a member of the supervisory board of the Carinthian Tech Research AG (CTR, Austria), a research center for intelligent sensors. Her research focus is (conceptual) modeling in a variety of domains and applications, domain-specific modeling languages and methods, model-based and model-driven software engineering as well as software architectures for assistive systems. Recent work deals with privacy-preserving system design, the human factor on the internet of
production, smart assisted living, the semantic analysis of models, behavior goal modeling and assistive and informative systems in general.<>

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