Sonderkolloquium Prof. J.I. Leon / 07.12.2016

07.12.2016 von 10:00 bis 11:30

Technische Fakultät, Institut für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, Kaiserstr. 2, Kiel, Raum: Geb. D, "Aquarium"

Titel: The Essential Role and the Continuous Evolution of Modulation Techniques for Voltage-Source Inverters in the Past, Present, and Future Power Electronics

Abstract: The cost reduction of power electronic devices, the increase in their reliability, efficiency and power capability, lower development times, together with more demanding application requirements, have driven the development of several new inverter topologies recently introduced in industry, particularly medium-voltage converters. New more complex inverter topologies and new application fields come along with additional control challenges, such as: voltage imbalances, power quality issues, higher efficiency needs and fault tolerant operation, which necessarily requires the parallel development of modulation schemes.
Therefore, recently there have been significant advances in the field of modulation of dc/ac converters, which conceptually has been dominated during the last several decades almost exclusively by classic pulse width modulation methods. This talk aims to concentrate and discuss the latest developments on this exciting technology, to provide insight on where the state-of-the-art stands today, and analyze the trends and challenges driving its future.

Prof. Marco Liserre

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