Kolloquiumsvortrag, Prof. Giuseppe Buja, IEEE Fellow, University of Padova, Italien / am 14.11.2016

14.11.2016 von 17:15 bis 18:45

Technische Fakultät, Kaiserstr. 2, Kiel, Raum: "Aquarium", Geb. D

Titel: Wireless Power Transfer systems for static and dynamic charging of electric vehicles

Abstract: The talk will deal with the research activities carried out at the Department of Industrial Electronics of the University of Padova, Italy, on the WPT systems of inductive type. After an overview on WPT, the static WPT systems are introduced. The main resonant topologies are illustrated and their efficiency vs. loads of different type (resistance or DC-DC chopper) is discussed. Then, the design of a WPT system for charging the batteries of a minicar is given, with details on the design of the coils and the power supply of the system. Experimental results obtained from a laboratory prototype are shown, reporting waveforms and efficiency curves.
The ongoing studies on the dynamic WPT systems are then presented. After a review of the specific problems posed by the dynamic WPT, the lumped track structure is considered. Suitable solutions for the power supply, the track segmentation, the coil geometries, and the compensation networks are went through. Finally, an under-development project of a dynamic WPT system for charging the batteries of a demonstration car is given.

Prof. Liserre

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