Sonderkolloquium, Prof. Thomas Plagemann / Prof. Vera Goebel, Universität Oslo / am 04.05.2017

04.05.2017 von 16:30 bis 18:00

ZBW, Düsternbrooker Weg 120, 24105 Kiel, Raum B024

Titel: A Platform for fine-granular migration of multimedia applications

Abstract: As a step towards mobile and ubiquitous computing, the TRAMP Real-time Application Mobility Platform (TRAMP) enables secure and user-friendly migration of multimedia application components. The motivating factors are device and user mobiliy, i.e., to let the user determine where application components should execute at all times. In order to organize and locate roaming devices, a decentralized peer-to-peer overlay is developed. To provide location transparency for application developers and enable efficient data sharing among application components, an API is provided that hides whether shared memory or latency optimized network distribution is used to share data. The problem of open TCP connections to third-party applications is solved with a proxy-based approach. Multimedia applications are especially sensitive to service interruptions that can be caused by migration, and a new approach for check-pointing, state transfer and resuming an application with minimal freeze time is therefore introduced. The evaluation of TRAMP shows that this optimization for low freeze time has significant effect. For example, migrating the Skype video-conferencing application with TRAMP reduces the average freeze time from 41.1 seconds with legacy approaches to 213 milliseconds. Further results from the empirical evaluation of TRAMP demonstrate that it has no negative impact on the Quality of Experience.

Prof. Scherp

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