Sonderkolloquium Prof. Ferreria / Delft

26.09.2014 von 11:00 bis 12:00

Institut für ET/IT, Kaiserstr. 2, Geb. C, Raum "Aquarium"

Titel: "Multi-Frequency ? Power Systems and Components"


Abstract: The voltage waveforms of electrical power systems were established 120 years ago because battery cells generate dc and sinusoidal ac voltages suit electrical machines the best. The advent of power electronics makes it possible to generate any voltage waveform at a very high conversion efficiency and this creates an opportunity to design new power circuit architectures that exploit the principle of orthogonality of power flow at different frequencies. It is proposed that a new law is added to the existing laws of Kirchhoff. The three laws that govern the operation of multi-frequency power networks are: (1) the sum of the voltages in a loop is zero, (2) sum of the currents in a node is zero and (3) the sum of power frequency components in a conversion component is zero. Using this principle a few examples of possible Multi-Frequency Power Systems and Multi-Frequency Modular Multilevel Converters will be described.

Prof. Liserre

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