Sonderkolloquium: Prof. Dr. Thanassis Tiropanis (University of Southampton)/ 25.06.2015

25.06.2015 von 14:15 bis 15:45

Institut für Informatik, Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 2, Übungsraum 2

Titel:  "Web Observatories: Infrastructures for Engaging with Data and Analytics on a Global Scale"



 Web Observatories are global distributed resources that can engage communities with data and analytic resources to make the most of existing and emergent datasets including those of the linked data cloud, social media, online archives and media archives. This undertaking is promising in terms of fostering data literacy and innovation on a large scale but comes with infrastructural challenges. Those challenges include resource description and discovery, interoperability, privacy and performance for queries and analytics on a distributed scale. This talk presents how those challenges are addressed in the architecture of the Southampton University Web Observatory and discusses a research roadmap on Web Observatory development.

Prof. Hasselbring

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