Kolloquiumsvortrag: Prof. Dr. Stefan Sauter

11.07.2014 von 14:15 bis 15:30

Institut für Informatik, Ludewig-Meyn-Str. 2, Übungsraum 2

Titel: Convergence Analysis for Finite Element Discretizations of Highly Indefinite Helmholtz Problems


The efficient numerical discretization of highly indefinite Helmholtz problems is a challenging task in the simulation of scattering problems. The problem depends on the wave number k and for large k the solution becomes highly oscillatory and its numerical computation increasingly instable. This phenomenon is called the "numerical pollution effect" for Helmholtz problems. In our talk we will present a finite element method which is robust with respect to the wave number. The a priori and a posteriori error estimates are explizit in the mesh width, the polynomial degree, and the wave number and show that the pollution effect can be eliminated by choosing the discretization parameters in a wave-number depending way.

Prof. Dr. S. Börm

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