Things that communicate and decide autonomously

12.07.2019 von 14:00 bis 15:00

Access to the Internet and communication is a key driving force in our modern society. Today, connectivity and computing come to physical objects and places: Even traditionally simple objects such as step counters, thermostats, and light bulbs begin to enjoy wireless connectivity. Similarly, cars, production lines and medical equipment will become networked. Predictions indicate that smart, connected objects soon will outnumber today's traditional connected devices such as smartphones or PCs. By 2025 we expect to reach 50 billion connected devices. This is called the Internet of Things (IoT) and it aims to make our daily lives easier, safer, and more sustainable. The Internet of Things monitory and interacts with the physical world and allows for new applications such as smart power grids, intelligent transportation, or advanced automation in factories and homes. Many of these applications are mission and safety-critical: For example, when two autonomous vehicles approach an intersection, they have to coordinate within a split second on which car shall cross first. Similarly, a wireless glucose sensor must quickly and reliably exchange information with, for example, an insulin pump to ensure a patient’s well-being. As a result, applications require fast, distributed networking and data analysis to ensure reliable coordination and decision making. In my talk, I will give an introduction to the field, give an overview of the work of my group in the area, outline open research challenges and future directions.

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