Survey of state estimation for (bio)chemical systems - A personal perspective

25.11.2019 von 16:00 bis 17:00


A key question in process control is how to monitor reactant and product concentrations in a reliable and cost effective manner. However, it appears that, in many practical applications, only some of the concentrations of the components involved and critical for quality control are available for on-line measurement. For instance, dissolved oxygen concentration in bioreactors, temperature in non-isothermal reactors and gaseous flow rates are available for on-line measurement while the values of the concentrations of products, reactants and/or biomass are often available via on-line analysis. An interesting alternative which circumvents and exploits the use of a model in conjunction with a limited set of measurements is the use of state observers.

Historically state observers have been designed for linear systems more in the context of the duality controllability/observability and often included in a closed loop, but little attention had been paid on the issue of coming up with reliable estimates of the state, i. e. with respect to model uncertainty in particular. The design of robust observers is yet an central issue for (bio)chemical systems, especially when considering the sensitivity of the proposed models with respect to the system kinetics in particular.

The present seminar will first review some of the limitations of Luenberger/Kalman observers, and then propose a number of alternatives that have been proposed over the years.

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