Innovative soft magnetic materials for electrical drives

20.01.2020 von 16:00 bis 17:00


In electric drive technology and mechatronics the market for variable-speed drives is continuously increasing. These electrical machines are requested to provide maximum drive power whereas only minimum installation space or little weight is required. In addition, there is often the demand for high energy efficiency.
Applications range from electric traction drives for battery electric vehicles, electric aircrafts, fans and compressors to medical technology. The enhancement of mechanical power is usually accomplished by increasing the speed. As a result, the supply frequency of the three-phase system must be significantly elevated compared to drives that work directly on the 50 Hz supply grid. However, this has a strong impact on the power flow within the machine. The increase in the current heat losses in the winding - due to current skin effects at higher frequencies - can be sufficiently counteracted by a suitable winding design. On the contrary, core losses increase intrinsically with the frequency. Hence thinner electrical sheets with reduced losses are used. However this procedure is limited to supply frequencies of 1 kHz due to material composition.
An innovative alternative to standardized electrical sheets is the use of soft magnetic composites (SMC). In addition to a significant reduction of eddy current losses, SMC is a magnetically isotropic material. In contrast to common radial flux machines, the guidance of the magnetic flux can be extended to the third space dimension without additional efforts and costs. As a result, it is possible to develop novel motor designs and manufacturing processes which provide numerous advantages.
During the colloquium talk, current SMC products are presented and compared with conventional soft magnetic materials. In addition, the opportunities and limits of these new materials for electrical drives are demonstrated by means of prototypes and their testing. Finally some indications are given in which scenarios the use of SMC is particularly of advantage.

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