Curriculum Vitae Klaus Rätzke

10.02.1965 born in Ludwigshafen/Rhein, Germany

1971 - 1984 elementary school and Gymnasium, Karlsruhe

May 1984 Abitur, Karlsruhe

1984/85 military service

1985 - 1990 study of physics, University of Göttingen, degree: Diploma in physics

1990 - 1993 PhD student, Institut für Metallphysik (Institute of Metal Physics), Göttingen

11/1993 PhD in Physics "Pressure and Mass Dependence of Diffusion in Metallic Glasses"

1994 - today research associate, Lehrstuhl für Materialverbunde (Chair of Multicomponent Materials), Kiel

9/1996-12/1996 postdoctoral visit, University of Cambridge, U.K. (Dr. A.L. Greer)

1/2002 Habilitation in Materials Science, University of Kiel

4/2002 Appointment for "Privatdozent", University of Kiel

1/2009 Appointment for extraordinary Professor, University of Kiel

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