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Prof. Dr. Klaus Rätzke
Technische Fakultät der Universität Kiel
Institut für Materialwissenschaft
Materialverbunde, Prof. Dr. F. Faupel
2, D-24143 Kiel, Germany
Phone: ++49-431-880-6227, Fax: ++49-431-880-6229
e-mail: first part: kr "at"

recent research topics

- diffusion studies in metallic glasses, undercooled metallic melts and equilibrium melts

- storage stability of epoxides and nanocoposites

- Interphases and Interfaces (DFG SPP 1369)

- Free volume and Permeability in high free volume Polymers (e.g. PIM, TEFLON AF)

- free volume in polymers, correlation of positron annihilation and computer simulations

- membrane polymers and nanocomposites

- characterization of metallic glasses (e.g. x-ray, thermal analysis, chemical composition)

- POSIMETHOD, update of PLEPS at FRM II, Munich


recent cooperations

- Prof. Y. Yampolskii, Moskau, Free volume in high performance polymeric membranes

- Prof. Dr. A. Chandra, India, correlation of conductivity and free volume in polymer-electrolyte nanocomposites

- Prof. G. Dlubek, Halle, Evaluation of PALS spectra, free volume in low molecular substances

- Dr. P. Budd, Manchester, UK Polymers of intrinsic microporosity

- AG Prof Wessling, U Twente, NL, Freies Volumen in PPO-Komposit-Membranen

- Prof. Abetz, Dr. Fritsch, GKSS Geesthacht, Polymers of intrinsic microporosity

- PD Dr. A. Hartwig, Fraunhofer Bremen, PALS in functionalized Silica epoxi composites

- Prof. A. Meyer, DLR Köln, Diffusion in undercooled PdCuNiP and ZrTiCuNiBe melts

- Prof. Dr. Drusch, Beuth, Berlin,  encapsulation of fish oil

- Dr. W. Egger, Prof. Dr. G. Dollinger, Universität der Bundeswehr, München, PLEPS at FRM II

- Prof. Dr. C. Staudt, Düsseldorf, blockcopoymers

- Prof. Dr. W. Possart, Saarbrücken, crosslinking of Epoxies

- Dr. G. Schneider, Jülich and Munich, Polymer-nanocomposites

former research topics

- positron annihilation in bulk metallic glasses

- "interdiffusion" in non-miscible metallic multilayers

- stress and texture in TiN and CrN thin films (together with University of Aarhus)

- preparation and characterization of Ag/Al2O3 membranes

- microstructure and diffusion in lead-free solders


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