About us

The Service Center at the Faculty of Engineering was founded as a joint institution in 2009 by the Institute of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Institute for Materials Science.

It is an information center for both students and lecturers. Based on this position, the Service Center views itself as a service provider in the field of university teaching.

The service begins with a competent study guide for prospective students, containing all Bacherlor’s and Master’s degree programmes at the institutes.

Throughout the course of their degree programmes, the Service Center accompanies students with tutorials, lab courses and, of course, the various Examination Offices, where all relevant examination issues are organized and all examination results are kept and made available for inspection at any time.

For lecturers, the Service Center assumes a central role in everyday university life by the common planning of lectures, seminars and lab courses.

Course evaluations are used to ensure high quality of the teaching and to provide lecturers with relevant feedback on their modules.

Applications are handled and inquiries are dealt with as part of public relations.

The Service Center also supports research activities at the university and cooperates with external project partners by a large equipment pool for analysis techniques and preparation methods.

With regards to the transfer of technology, the Service Center undertakes the task of supporting research activities in cooperation with the local and the national industry as Center for Materials Analysis (CMA).