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Center for Materials Analysis

The Center for Materials Analysis (CMA) website can be found here.

The Center for Materials Analysis (CMA) is a central institution at Kiel University. It provides cooperation partners from research and industry with the existing research expertise and methodology for joint research and development tasks and as a service. The central tasks of the CMA include:

  • Characterisation of materials – the structures and properties of thin layers, surface spectroscopy, mechanical materials testing
  • The provision of modern equipment and scientific knowledge in materials analysis and materials testing for internal and external users
  • Furthering research cooperations, service and consultation for industry and research institutes
  • Extending the spectrum of available methods via ‘resource sharing’ in cooperations
  • Supporting students’ research projects
  • Supporting the education of students and engineers via teaching and practical modules in materials analysis, materials testing and electron microscopy; in the Master’s degree programme in particular in the Basic Laboratory Course
  • Supporting students in their search for employment via contacts in the industry and research institutes


The CMA offers access to modern, high-performance measuring equipment, which is also available to students in advanced practical exercises and for their research projects.