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DreamSpark - Microsoft software for students and educators (former MSDNAA)


The Faculty of Engineering has a subscription to Microsoft DreamSpark Premium. Using the web-based software distribution system called ELMS (e-Academy License Management System), students and educators of the faculty are able to access the software contained in DreamSpark. Some points to know:


  • Software to download: Windows Operating Systems (i.e. 10, 8.1, 7, embedded, Server) and Microsoft Developing Tools (i.e. Visual C++, Visio, Project or Visual Studio)
  • Microsoft Office is not part of the DreamSpark-Program! (Tip: Use OpenOffice instead)
  • The software can be downloaded free of charge (in fact, the Faculty pays an annual fee, but the user downloads are for free).


Use of the software is associated with many regulations. I.e., in most cases, there must be a basic Windows Operating System (with a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) sticking on the computer) to be allowed to install a new Windows from DreamSpark.


The fact that users are allowed to get a software account in DreamSpark does not mean that the user can use the software everywhere and as he/she likes to use it. Therefore, please read the End User License Agreement resp. the DreamSpark-FAQ carefully.


Students please read the MICROSOFT DREAMSPARK DIRECT SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENT and the DreamSpark-FAQ for students.


Academic Members of the faculty please read the Dreamspark Premium EULA (End User License Agreement) and the DreamSpark-FAQ for educators (choose button "educators").


How to get an Account to the Webstore: