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WLAN access


The WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network; also called WiFi) at the Faculty of Engineering is part of the campus wide WiFi network called eduroam. Please follow the instructions to set up your WiFi device to connect to the eduroam network:


Manuals for wireless network configuration (in english)


Anleitungen zur WLAN-Konfiguration (in deutsch)



It is mandatory that an updated virus scanner and the latest Windows updates are installed on your notebook (use Automatic Updates if unsure). We suspend users, who don't comply with this.





Although usually the installation of the eduroam network works automatically, on some network devices (i.e. older laptops, some smartphones) the certificate needed to access the WLAN must be installed manually. It can be downloaded here from within the university's network. Please note that this directory is not accessible from outside the university.



Accessing your personal data


If you want to reach your personal data on server stuserver resp. the server of your workgroup, we suggest:


For Students:
In the windows explorer type \\\<your user name>.


For staff members:
Contact the technician of the chair or the System Operating Group for the workgroup specific server name.