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  • The windows/mail password (for login on windows computers and for accessing mail). To change this password press Ctrl+Alt+Del resp. Strg+Alt+Del and click on "Kennwort ändern" resp. "Change Password". If you want to change this password from outside the faculty, make a remote desktop connection to our terminalserver or (starting 25th of June 2014). Because Strg+Alt+Del does not work on remote desktops, you have to click Start / Einstellungen / Windows-Sicherheit / Kennwort ändern. For further information see Remote Login below.


    If you choose to change your password, you should notice that the password policy restricts the length of the password. You need to choose a password with 12 symbols minimum. Also your password needs to meet some complexity requirements. The password must consist of three different types of the following symbol groups:

    • Capital letters (A-Z)
    • Small letters (a-z)
    • Numerals (0-9)
    • Special characters (i.e.: !, #, $, &, *, (, ), ...)
      Note: We recommend using ASCII-characters only as it would prevent conflicts with VPN-authentication.


  • Remote login and data access: You can login to our Windows Terminalservers (starting 25th of June 2014) resp. by using the remotedesktopconnection (to be found in the startmenue folder Accessoires resp. Zubehör on Windows clients. Unix/Linux users use an rdesktop client like this). Please notice:

    • As your username you need to add "tf" followed by a backslash before your username, i.e. tf\stu123456.
    • To transfer data between our Windows-Server and your local computer, you have to configure the rdp connection first.
    • This is explained in an instructive sheet of paper here.

If you only want to transfer data without the need of a remotedesktop, you can connect to the samba shares of the tf-network directly. Just type \\< into the address bar of the windows explorer (i.e. \\ and give in your login data (remember the tf\ before your username).

If you´d like to use these connections (Remote Desktop or Samba) from outside the faculty, you have to setup and start the VPN-service first. Please note that the VPN profile of the University´s Computing Center will not work here. You have to use one of our tf profiles.


  • FTP and SSH connections are not supported.


  • Windows Profile: Your home directory (U:\) contains a folder called "profile" (or "profile.v2" on Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2008 machines) which contains your windows configuration and certain windows folders like "my documents", "Eigene Dateien", "desktop" etc. At every login, the content of this folder is copied to "C:\documents and setting\username" resp. "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\username" and will be copied back to your home directory at logout.
    Please save as less data as possible in these folders to minimize the login and logout time. Save your data e.g. directly in a folder "data" in your home directory.



  • Storage capacity (quota): The storage capacity on the faculty's servers is limited. Therefore, there is a storage limit called quota which usually is 10 GB for students and employees. If your quota needs to be increased, please contact the System Operating Group.



  • How to change the display language on the Windows Terminal Servers: The Windows Terminal Servers Spiderman and Batman (starting 25th of June 2014) display german by default. To change this to english please read these instructions, that you will find on the desktop of the servers as well. The effect takes place not only for the menu and messages of the operating system, but for the printer properties, too.



  • Browser: We recommend to use the following proxy server settings for internet connections from inside the faculty's network: on port 3128. In Firefox you find this in "Tools / Options / Advanced / Network / Settings / Manual Proxy Configuration".



  • P2P: Please note that the use of P2P-Clients like Kazaa and E-Mule is strictly prohibited.



  • Food: Drinking and Eating at the computer workplaces in the mensa, library and the pc labs is not allowed. Furthermore, by definition, it is not possible to leave bottles etc. at the workplaces. Thank you!