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The Top-10-FAQ with the most asked students questions is also readable as a one sided pdf file in english or german!

Below you will find the TOP-11-to-30-FAQ!


TOP-10-FAQ for students:


How do I get an access to the TF Network?

Register at the office A-007 (Building A, the rear corridor on the right) during the opening hours. Please bring in your license of study (must contain your field of study), a photo ID and your stu number. (For using WLAN, you don´t need a new account. See number 6)).

What does the TF account include?

Several things: Login to the windows based terminals and personal computers in the refectory, the library and the computer labs in building B and F (F can be used as a student work place). Storage space (20 GB) on the personal drive u:. Furthermore: Email and web space.

Where can I store data?

Each student has a personal storage space as disk drive u:. It´s best to store important data there, e.g. in u:\data. This data will be available from home, too. Please do not store your data in „My documents“ or on the „desktop“.

May I also use the email from home?

Of course! The easiest way is, to use our webmailer But you can also use an email client like Thunderbird. With the webmail interface you can set up e.g. mail filtering or automatic redirects.

How can I connect to the TF Network from home?

Via VPN: Install and configure a VPN client first. After that, there are 2 ways to connect: 1.: Use a remote desktop connection (part of windows) to our servers or 2.: Connect to the drive where your data is situated directly by giving in i.e. \\\<your username> in the addressbar of the windows explorer.

How do I get a wireless access for my laptop?

The faculty´s WiFi is part of the eduroam network of the university. You need to install a certificate of the Deutsche Telekom and log in with your students account (i.e.; this is not the email address!). Additional Information:

Can I get Windows and other Microsoft software for free?

Yes! The Microsoft Dreamspark program offers a free download. You have to apply for a download account in office A-007. Alternatively, you can also borrow Windows 7 or XP. However, Microsoft Office is not part of Dreamspark! (Tip: Take OpenOffice instead).

How can I print?

You pay at least 5 € to Ms. Hacker (Office A-021a, only in the morning until 11:45) and go with the receipt to A-007 for the amount to be entered. Then you can print on the printers in the refectory printing room and the lab printer in building F.

Do I get a free anti virus program?

Yes. The University provides Sophos AntiVirus. As a free alternative, we recommend Avira Free Antivirus (

Where can I get more Information?

  • On the homepage of the computing service: (all indicated possibilities are comprehensively explained).

  • Send an email request to

  • In office A-007 during opening times








  • Is there a sheet of paper with the most important things to know? Yes. Most of the content of this webpage can be found in a printer friendly format in english.


  • Everytime I watch my email inbox, I get a warning message about a certificate, that could not be verified. As IMAP server you have to give in the "full qualified domain name" as (without dot at the end). Check our configuration guide (englisch/german) for Standalone Email Clients like Thunderbird or Outlook.


  • How can I get rid of this spam in my email inbox? Although a spam filter is already installed, you may install your own filtering rules by using the webmail interface.


  • I get an error message at logon / logout. What shall I do? Reading the message and telling it the System Operating Group. Usually it comes from an incorrect storing of your windows profile. You are over quota or there are special letters in filenames coming from arabian or chinese symbols that trouble the file storing process.



  • I need Software xyz on the faculty servers. Can you install it? If there is a reasonable need for the software we can talk about it. Please come to our office.


  • My usb stick does not work on the thinclients. This is a common problem. Please try a different thinclient or other computers like burn (computer lab in building F) or the library computers.


  • Where can I burn CDs / DVDs? The PC called burn in the computer lab in building F is suitable for that. While the PC Lab is closed, you can use the scanner PC in the library.


  • I lost data. How can it be restored? If the data was stored on a network drive over night, we can restore it from our backup system if the data is not older than 30 working days. For local hard disks or portable media we may have the right software to restore files that can not be seen in the file manager and can not be undeleted by Microsoft means.


  • How can I access my Outlook/Thunderbird-Mail from the webmail interface? If you use an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook inside the faculty, you have to make sure not to store emails in local folders. These emails remain on the local computer resp. your windows profile and are not accessible from other email programs. So, please always store emails under the directory structure of the IMAP server


  • Do you have current Information about computer viruses and how to deal with them? Yes. Look here (click on "Vireninfo McAfee" or "Vireninfo AntiVir").


  • What with my emails when I am on vacation? If you need an automatic reply to the sender use the instructions provided here to set up a filtering rule to do so.



  • How do I forward my e-mails to another e-mail address Read the instructions provided here.