Nanoscale Magnetic Materials - Magnetic Domains

mawi-921: Magnetic Materials: Physics and Applications (Exercises)



Exercise Sheets

Exercise Sheet 1 - Bohr, Maxwell and permeabilities (due Nov. 06. 9:00)

Exercise Sheet 2 - Anisotropies in crystalline material (due Nov. 13. 09:00)

Exercise Sheet 3 - Reversal Processes (due Nov. 20. 09:00)

Exercise Sheet 4 - Pickung up and creating magnetic fields (due Nov. 27. 09:00)

Exercise Sheet 5 - Domain walls (due Dec. 04. 09:00) (sample solutions)

Exercise Sheet 6 - Magnetic imaging (due Dec 11. 09:00)

Exercise Sheet 7 - Sensor Technology (due Dec. 18. 09:00) - last sheet

Submit your posters as a A0 sized PDF-file via email.
The deadline for submission is Thursday January 25th 18:00

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Topics for Poster Presentation (Decision on December 18th)

Exchange Bias
Magnetism in naval environments
Stoner-Wohlfahrt model
Particles for Biomagnetism
Spintronics (Racetrack Memory)
Magnetic force microscopy
Magnetization Dynamics
Contactless tool monitoring
Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
Energy Relevant Materials
Nanocrystalline Alloys