Biocompatible Nanomaterials


  • 04.09.2018 Our paper "H. R. NeumannC. Selhuber-Unkel (2018): High-throughtput micro-nanostructuring by microdroplet inkjet printing, Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 9: 2372-2380. Link, has been published.



  • 22.08.2018 A. Klick, R. Wagner, M. Großmann, L. F. Kadem, T. Leißner, H.-G. Rubahn, C. Selhuber-Unkel, M. Bauer (2018): Detection and characterization of attenuated multimode waveguiding in SiO2 slabs using photoemission electron microscopy. Physical Review B 98, 085128. Link


  • 20.08.2018 H. R. NeumannC. Selhuber-Unkel (2018): High-throughput micro-nanostructuring by microdroplet inkjet printing. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, accepted.


  • 26.-28.09.2018 Christine Selhuber-Unkel (Kiel University, Germany), Cornelia Lee-Thedieck (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany) and Patrick van Rijn (University of Groningen, Netherlands) organize the symposium "Cell- Instructive Hydrogels" at the Materials Science and Engineering congress in Darmstadt.  Link


  • 28.-29.05.2018 Kick off Meeting in Travemünde for our new project "Molecularly controlled, stimuli-sensitive hydrogels for dynamically adjustable biohybrid actuators" funded by which is the Volkswagenstiftung



  • 22.05.2018 An article about our work in the ERC Proof of Concept project CHANNELMAT has been published in „Laborjournal“. Link


  • 09.05.2018 As a result of our collaboration with the Bauer group Link the article Detection and characterization of attenuated multimode waveguiding in SiO 2 slabs using photoemission electron microscopy has been accepted for publication in Physical Review B. Link


  • 04.05.2018 Our project STRAINSTIFF has been awarded with an ERC Proof of Concept grant. Link


  • 27.04.2018 Our ERC PoC Team will present our project "Channelmat" at the Hannover Messe, Link, Link

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  • 20.04.2018 Summer in Kiel