Milestones in the History of Dislocations

Here are a few of the major milestones in the discovery of dislocations:
Theory of Elasticity Timpe (1905)
Volterra (1907)
Theoretical shear limit Frenkel (1926)
"Verhakungen" Dehlinger (1929)
Postulate of (edge) dislocations Orowan (1934)
Polanyi (1934)
Taylor (1934)
Postulate of screw dislocations Burgers (1939)
Multiplication mechanisms of dislocations Frank-Read (1950)
Direct observation of dislocations (TEM) Hirsch et al. (1956)
Dislocation free Si crystal growth Dash (1960)
These discoveries solved the 3000 year old puzzles of metallurgy! But no Noble prizes were awarded and mankind hardly noticed that something big has happened.

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