Exercise 5.1-2

Find the Mistake

Animations in Hyperscripts are bit tricky, because they are often done by some graphic experts who do not understand the subject. As a result, they may look very professional, but may lack precision - in other words, they may be very nice illustrations of something that is wrong.
  Here is a version of an animated edge dislocation movement adopted from a hyperscript from Edward Goo.
The original link is http://www-classes.usc.edu/engr/ms/125/MDA125/defects/index.htm
Can you tell what is wrong with this animation? There is a major mistake and a not so terrible one.
Here is yet another animation, faithfully redrawn from the CD-ROM "Materials Science on CD" (Chapman and Hill; version 1.1, 1996).
There is a slight mistake here, too. Can you identify it?
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