Self-Diffusion in Si and some Metals

Arrhenius Representation of Self-Diffusion Data in Si

Here are some tracer self-diffusion data from various researchers (compiled by Frank et al., 1984).  
Selbstdiffusionskoeffizienten inSi
Note that extrapolations to D* differ by almost an order of magnitude.  
Be aware, that this discrepancy does not exist because some groups made "mistakes".
Measurements are what they are: measurements. Its the data you got and, if you made a honest effort, there is nothing "wrong" about it.
Why other groups obtain different data is an interesting question, often not easy to answer. While there must be reasons for it, its not because some groups are smart and others are dumb.

Arrhenius Representation of Self-Diffusion Data in Cu, Ni, and Au

Here some data for impurity diffusion in Si
Self diffusion in metals

There is far less spread of the data compared to Si self diffusion.

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