Numbers for Point Defect Diffusion

Here a few numbers to point defect diffusion
Numbers like this always should be taken with a grain of salt; they are often to a bit of doubt. It is not uncommon that newer measurements or new interpretations of old measurements give quite different results.
Diffusing Atom Host Crystal Diffusion Mechanism Migration Enthalpy (eV) D0 [cm2/s]
C Fe interstitial 1,25 0,008
N Fe interstitial 0,78 0,007
H Fe interstitial 0,43 0,01
Ni Fe substitutional 2,86 0,5
Co Fe substitutional 2,34 0,2
Si Fe substitutional 2,08 0,4
Al Cu substitutional 1,69 0,07
S GaAs substitutional 4,0 4000
Zn GaAs substitutional 2,47 1,5 · 10–8
P Si substitutional

As Si substitutionell

B Si substitutional

Si Si

O Si

Cu Si

Li Si

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