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    Welcome to the website of the IT Group at the Faculty of Engineering!

    Employees and students will find general information about using the IT infrastructure.

    If you have questions, please mail to or visit us at our office (please note the office hours).


Latest News

  • Sep 2016: Microsoft has renamed the DreamSpark program, which allows free use of software for students and academic staff. It is now called Microsoft Imagine. Nothing has changed on the licensing terms. Imagine page of the TF. Imagine page Microsoft.

    Aug 2016: The computing center CAU now offers detailed descriptions of szenarios using the Bundesvertrag with Microsoft. Site RZ CAU (german). Site IT Group TF (german).

    July 2016: Launch of IT Group's new website. Like all new websites of the University, this site was created with the CMS (Content Management System) Plone. More Information (Website Computing Center, in german).

    July 2016: Renaming of the System Operation Group AKA Rechnerbetriebsgruppe. New Name: IT Group. Now the meaning of the name is easier to understand in english and the english and german names are more simular.

    June 2016: New contract (Bundesmietvertrag) between Microsoft and CAU. More information.

    Jan. 2016:
    The computing center of the CAU does not recommend the use of Windows 10 from the present time. More information (Website Computing Center, german).

    Nov. 2015: Changed printer configuration in the mensa. As black&white printer the OKI B430 will be used from now on. More information (german).