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Engineering Branch Library

shelf organisation

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shelf organisation

The collection of the Engineering Branch Library includes books and journals.

Books of the textbook collection can be identified by their blue class mark labels.


There is at least one copy of every textbook in the reference collection.


The books of the reference collection are presented with white class mark labels.

These can be loaned over the weekend (Friday afternoon until Monday morning). Besides that they can be used on location or photocopy them.

The classified arrangement in the textbook collection as well as in the reference collection folows this system:



iwa engineering information
iwb engineering job and career, continuing education, interdisciplinary
iwg engineering basics
iwe engineering electrical engineering
iwm engineering materials science



The groups are further divided into subgroups. Therein the books are sorted by the number of their class mark labels.


The detailed shelf classification can be found here.


The bounded journal volumes are arranged in alphabetical order according to their title.


The current issues are located in the drawers. The latest issue is on display, the previous ones can be found in the drawer.

The bound volumes as well as the single issues cannot be loaned but there is the possibility to make photocopies on site.


Please note that the library does not hold all already published issues or journal volumes. You can find the bibliographic reference in the online-catalogue of the University Library Kiel.

Questions and remarks please to