Liste bisheriger Habilitationen

Lfd. Nr Datum Name
26.01.2011 Pertsev, Nikolay A. Dielektrische und magnetische Werkstoffe der Elektrotechnik (Umhabilitation)
021 19.01.2011 Jäger, Gerold The Theory of Tolerances with Applications to the Travelling Salesman Problem
020 30.01.2008 Perwaß, Christian Geometric Algebra with Applications in Engineering
019 11.07.2007 Spiecker, Erdmann Development of Quantitative TEM Techniques and Their Use in Microstructure Studies of Thin Film Materials
018 07.02.2007 Steffen, Martin Object-Connectivity and Observability for Class-Based Object-Oriented Languages
017 29.11.2006 Huch, Frank Günter Debugging Lazy Declarative Programs
016 08.02.2006 Adelung, Rainer The generation of nanoscale surface structures an their influence on the functionality of materials
015 29.06.2005 Küsters, Ralf Automatic Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols
014 24.11.2004 Thangadurai, Venkataraman Development of Materials for All-Solid-State Ionic Devices
013 28.04.2004 Scholz, Sven-Bodo Generic Array Programming
012 07.04.2004 Schubert, Dirk W. Spin Coating aus molekularer Sicht - eine Methode zur Molekulargewichtsbestimmung - Zusammhänge mit der Mischbarkeit von Polymeren
011 23.01.2002 Rätzke, Klaus Diffusion in Disordered Solids and Undercooled Liquids
010 13.06.2001 Stolwijk, Nicolaa Diffusion Behaviour and Electrical Properties of Point Defects in Semiconducting Elements, Alloys and Compounds
009 29.11.2000 Kolahi, Kourosh Modellgestützte Selbstdiagnose von Prozeßsensoren
008 17.05.2000 Goerigk, Wolfgang Trusted Program Execution
 007 13.12.1999 Bastian, Peter Numerical Computation of Multiphase Flows in Porous Media
006 24.11.1999 Zimmermann, Horst Integrated Optical Silicon Receiver Circuits
005 17.01.1999 Pauli, Josef Development of autonomous camera-equipped robot systems
004 09.12.1998 Wilke, Thomas Classifying Discrete Temporal Properties
003 08.07.1998 von Karger, Burghard Temporal Algebra
002 02.07.1997 Klein, Hans-Joachim Gesicherte und mögliche Anfragen an relationale Datenbanken mit partiellen Relationen
001 24.06.1996 Peleska, Jan Formal Methods and the Development of Dependable Systems